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Integrate social media in your event and broadcast your fun to the world.

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Hashtag Wall

As guests share pictures to their Instagram or Twitter with your unique hashtag, the posts appear on the screen, creating a collage of pictures from your event!

Snapchat Filters

We’ll setup a custom Snapchat filter at your event location for your party night.

Unique Hashtags

A custom hashtag will be setup for your event and all your guests will be informed of it with one of our custom, unique posters at the event reception.

Twitter Feed

Have all your guests join in on the conversation and fun on Twitter with a custom feed.

How does the Hashtag wall work?

First, we pick a unique hashtag and setup an account for you that follows this hashtag. When anyone uses this hashtag to post to Instagram or Twitter, your account will capture the post. So this means you can start sharing way before your event, and all those memories will be captured.

Second, on the date of the event, we inform all of the guests what the unique hashtag is, so when they are posting or sharing content to Instagram or Twitter, it will all be captured into your Hashtag Wall.

Third, your Hashtag Wall will build a collage of pictures that will be shared to Instagram and Twitter and displayed live at your event, on a big screen. It will allow all guests to be a photographer and give you a ton of pictures that you can look at after the event, and even share on your own social media.

Does it sound complicated? That's okay, this is why we take care of it ALL. We setup your unique hashtag, your projector, and your Hashtag Wall account. We also make your guests aware of what the unique hashtag is through customized posters. All you have to do, is show up.

Social media is a great way to get people to interact at your event. We understand it may be a bit confusing sometimes, that’s why we are going to take care of it all for you! Ask us about our Social Media Package.
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