Give them an epic party.

School parties & proms are our specialty! We’ll give them a party they won’t forget.

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Keep it Clean

We have clean edits to all of our music, so you don't have to worry about any swearing or profanity.

We Know What's Up

Our DJs have the latest music and most up-to-date hits. We know what's popular and what will keep them on the dancefloor.

We Are Legit

We have liability insurance, and we are a registered and licensed DJ service. We are also an approved vendor of the EPSB.

Local Celebrity DJs

If you want to go the extra mile for prom this year, hire one of our local celebrity DJs. We have many of the DJs from the local radio stations on our roster. Whether it’s DJ Alize, Johnny Infamous, Mike Tomas, etc., we’ll give them a party to rave about!

Popular add-ons.

These services are the most commonly added services to any type of school party. Bundle them with your DJ service to get great value!

Photo Booth

Bring your party to life with a live photo booth.



Add some energy to your event with party lights.


Projection Screens

These screens are perfect to showcase the special moments that happened during the school year, or to project a social media wall!

Budget Friendly.

We understand you may be dealing with a tight budget, we will work with you and provide you with talented & professional DJs at an affordable price.

On Social Media.

We’re a very tech-savvy bunch and probably so are your students. We will show you how we can tie in social media into the event and we’re sure your students will love it!

Take Requests.

We have no problem with taking requests. With our huge variety of music, we are sure to have what you’re requesting.

Put your school party in good hands.

Contact us today and have the party of a lifetime.
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