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QSC K12 Speaker

  • 1,000 watt, 12 inch, 2 way speaker.
  • 2 of these are ideal for parties with dancing and up to 200 guests.

QSC K10 Speaker

  • 1,000 watt, 10 inch, 2 way speaker
  • 2 of these are ideal for speeches and background music.

QSC KW153 Speaker

  • 1,000 watt, 15 inch, 3 way speaker
  • Tower style speaker, 2 of these are Ideal for outdoor parties or big venues.


  • 1,000 Watt, 12 inch subwoofer.
  • Subwoofers sit on the floor and provide a nice full base sound. It’s ideal to pair these subs up with two QSC K12’s or QSC K10’s for parties with dancing and up to 200 guests.

QSC KW181 Sub

  • 1,000 watt, 18 inch subwoofer.
  • This is a bigger subwoofer designed for bigger venues, ideally paired up with the KW153 speaker, or the QSC K12.

Tabletop CD Players

  • Pioneer CDJ-850 or Pioneer CDJ-900
  • A turntable style CD Player with the ability to play MP3s and MIDI control DJ Software.

DJ Mixers

  • Pioneer DJM-750 or DJM-900
  • A four channel, industry standard, digital DJ mixer with filters & effects

DJ All In One Controllers

  • Pioneer DDJ-SR, DDJ-SX or DDJ-SZ
  • The DDJ is an industry standard board, used by mobile DJs that features a built in soundcard and provides midi control for DJ software.


  • SL3 Serato interface.
  • An industry standard soundcard, used by DJs to enable them to DJ from their laptop, while using professional DJ equipment such as CDJs and turntables, to control the music and the mix.

Stanton Uber Stand

  • A foldable laptop stand that allows the DJ to setup their laptop directly on-top of their mixing console.

Soundcraft Mixers

  • Choose between the Soundcraft EFX8 or EFX12.
  • Smaller mixer with superior sound quality & effects, this is ideal for a smaller band or a string quartet.
  • These mixers are also ideal for events where there is multiple sources of audio. A DJ, an MC, a laptop with a slideshow on it, a vocalist, a pianist, etc… all of these inputs can be patched into the mixer for audio control, with one master output.

Wired Mics

  • We have a wide array of wired mics available for rent. Depending on the application, you will need a particular style of mic. The standard PA mic for speeches would be the Shure SM58, but we have wired mics available for vocalists/singers, choirs, instruments, etc.

Wireless Mics

  • Wireless handheld mics & vocal handheld mics.
  • Lapel & lavalier mics, ideal for keeping your hands free while giving a presentation or for a justice of the peace during a wedding ceremony.


LED Pars

  • Circular style LED Lights used for uplighting and lighting up elements of your decor. You have the ability to set the red, green & blue values to these lights, making them any color you can imagine. These can also be used as spotlights.

LED Bars

  • Bar style LED lights used for lighting up draping & walls. These lights are ideal for lighting up backdrops. LED bars are completely customized to shine whatever color you want.

Gobo Projectors

  • We rent out a wide area of Leko’s, primarily from the ETC family. The most commonly rented gobo projectors are the ETC Source 4 Jr Zoom, ETC Source 4 15°-30°, ETC SOURCE 4 25°-50°. These are the light you would use for a wall wash, or for monogram projection.

Pin Spots

  • Our pin spots are white, and they are LED and battery powered. You can clip them into the ceiling, or turn them on via remote control, and just forget about them for the entire event.

Sound Activated Dancing Lights

  • These lights are very simple to use, just turn them on, and they move to the music and create cool patterns and colors on the dance-floor.


  • We have a wide array of lasers to choose from.

Moving Heads

  • The creme-de-la-crème of party lights! We have a few different models to pick from, primarily Chauvet Intimidator series.

Lighting Stands

  • A stand is used to elevate your lights high in the air, and away from eye level. All accessories are available.

Trussing & Truss Accessories

  • We have a ton of different truss sizes, bases, and corners to create the structure you want.

Air Wall Hangers

  • Used to hang your lights from the air wall track in the venue ceiling.

Projection & Screens

LED & Plasma Panels

  • All sizes available, including SMART TV’s.

Rear or Front Projection

  • A wide variety of projection screens to choose from, including screens with rear projection capabilities.

HD Projector

  • State-of-the-art projectors with excellent picture quality and brightness.

Short Throw Projector

  • Projectors that do not need to be very far from the screen, to have a very large display.

Video Accessories

  • Video convertors.
  • Distribution amps and extenders.

Smoke & Effects

Fog Machines & Hazers

  • Can be used for smoke effects or to enhance any light show.

Dry Ice Machines

  • A special effect machine that creates a low lying, odorless fog. Perfect for a first dance or a grand entrance.

Confetti Canon

  • Can be loaded with confetti or streamers, shot at the perfect time for an awesome effect.


Cocktail Tables

  • 30″ round tables, can be setup at 30″ high or cocktail style, 42″ high.
  • Spandex scrim and table under glow light available.

Chrome Stanchions & Red Velvet Rope

  • Traditional deluxe chrome stanchions with 4 ft. red velvet rope.

All sizes and materials available.

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