Bring Out Their Fun Side.

A photo booth is a great way to engage your guests and give them a souvenir to remember the event.
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Let us handle the setup and take-down of the photo booth, and provide you with a professional host for the duration of your service.

Versatile & Compact

Our booth is 5 ft x 6 ft. It can be set-up outdoors or indoors, and we have the open or enclosed style booths. Don't let the size fool you, we can take up to 10 people in the booth at once!

Customizable Prints

Photos can be printed in a strip of 2x6 or 3 photo postcards on a 4x6. You pick the design, the colour, the text, and the graphic...and we create it!

What’s included?

HD Camera & Printers

We only use high-end professional SLR cameras for great quality every time. Our lighting will ensure you look your best.

Booth & Backdrop Choices

Your choice between an open booth or an enclosed booth. Our standard backdrop colors are black, white, gold & silver.

On-site Host

Our fun and friendly hosts ensure the booth is running smoothly, and help guests with props.

Awesome Props

Props are there to give your guests an excuse to have fun and be silly, and of course the photo booth captures those moments!

Delivery, Setup & Removal

All of our photo booths are delivered to your venue, setup before the event and taken down after the event. This is all included at no additional costs.

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If the party is going strong, can you stay longer?

Absolutely. Our host will give you the option to book longer, at the end of your scheduled service.

How long is the setup time?

Your setup time is complimentary and it is 30 minutes.

Do you require specific amounts of power?

A Standard 120v electrical outlet is all we need.

How much space does the photo booth need?

The photo booth needs an approximate space of 5 ft x 6 ft.

How many people can fit in the booth?

Our enclosed photo booth can easily take 10 people, our open photo booth can take more.

How long does it take to get my pictures?

Not very long at all, approximately 10 seconds or so.

Will I get to see all the pictures taken at the event?

Yes, you will receive digital copies of all the photos via Dropbox!