Attention to detail.

Pinspots are an easy and effective way to highlight the important elements of your event. 

Accenting the most important elements of your event.

Make your cake, centerpieces, head table, candy bar, and other attractions come to life by illuminating them with a focused beam of light.
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Light it up.

After spending countless hours choosing the right centerpieces, cake, fabric and food, don’t let all those carefully selected details go to waste in the standard ballroom lighting. Use pinspots to effectively highlight import elements of your event and bring your guests attention to it.

Baker’s art.

A dimly lit venue doesn’t make your cake visible to all guests and it most certainly, doesn’t show off all the lovely details that were placed onto the cake by the hardworking baker. Use a cake pinspot/spotlight to make that cake shine in your hall and to direct your guest’s attention to it.

Add colour.

We use state the art LED pinspots. These pinspots allow us to the set their color. Meaning, we can pinspot your centerpeices, cake, headtable or any feature in your event in any color you want,  now that’s choice!