Add some colour.

Bring life to a venue by wash lighting your room with our LED lights.
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Get a nice even colour glow in your room to help bring out your decor or theme.

Wash lighting is the technique of evenly applying (coloured) lights in your room with our lighting. LED based fixtures are mounted really high on a stand or attached to the ceiling, and are pointed down on the area that they are “washing” with light. Want your wedding to have a purple glow? Want your “Winter Wonderland” themed corporate party to have a blue glow? We can do it!

Wash what?

Wash lighting is applied in many different scenarios. You can wash your entire room in a colour, to help accent your decor or theme. You can also wash a plain white backdrop in your choice of colour with our LED lights. You can also wash a feature wall that you would like to bring guests attention to. Perhaps you are doing a play and you need a full stage wash to help enhance the performance? We can do it.

What colour?

With our LED lights we have the ability to give you any colour you want. Pick a colour that matches your decor color or pairs up nicely with it. Opt for hues that flatter skin tones, such as pinks and purples, and let them build in intensity over the course of the evening, especially if your doing a full room colour wash. You can also do different colour washes side by side, to contrast each other.

Is it hot?

Many of our clients are often concerned that with so many lights in the room, that it will heat up the room. We only use LED lighting for our washes, you will never have to worry about the lights overheating the space.